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Hi again folks,

Someone once told me that when you leave school your life just flys in especially when you throw children into the mix… but when your a teenager you think the adults in your life are just saying stuff to scare you into thinking these mad and wild thoughts, but omg how right where they….

Blink and you miss it, I am greatful for many things in my life but my children are the greatest and precious thing ever, Someone asked me not so long ago what if any is the best advice you can give for being a stay at home dad, well to be honest there isn’t ANY, I have a great support network at home maily the other half and being round the kids daily is never the same from one day to the next, I could have a house full of children and don’t know how I don’t fall over as apparently iam so laid back it’s unreal, but sorry it is real and I wouldn’t and couldn’t change it for anything, I get to see them and be with them from there eyes opening in the morning till there eyes are closing at bed time….

I used to wish I was more like some other dads at times and be able to go here there and everywhere, but then I get to enjoy what my kids want to do instead of them putting up with my daily choices which might not be what they want to do, so I listen and ask them as they are all at different ages it has to have compromises but then they are usually happy with what they choose to do, I think my biggest downfall is scheduling anything in that puts me out of sorts as I try to keep a routine but times it’s difficult and I need to learn to just go with the flow at times, your children have one life so make sure they live it to there full potential and enjoy every single moment of it….

Basically there is nothing I can say to anyone who is thinking of being a stay at home dad as there is no steps, no tips no tricks all there is is you the MAN, THE PARTNER, THE HUSBAND, THE FATHER just be yourself and let the kids learn from the things you do and make your own memories and stay true to yourself as time does go by so quickly you just never know what’s around the corner…..

Until next time enjoy

Darren x


Anxiety shopping

Shopping with the little ones is becoming a nightmare just now, gone are the days that we actually looked forward to going out for the day and coming home when we felt our feet and body couldn’t take anymore…

I know as a parent we expect these things but for some unknown reason it infuriates me, not the Mrs just me, I feel that there is no talking to the boys when we go out and all they want to do is run off, touch stuff and throw themselves about, making a scene and then you get the looks for passerbys, shit he needs to get his children under control, the thing is they are….I know when I was younger I hated going shopping with the parents unless there was something in it for me, but hey didn’t we all..

My biggest worry about being out is the fact that over a year ago our son wondered off with complete strangers and if it wasn’t for his mummy who knows what the outcome would have been, i dread to think about it but every time since I always need to know where he is and want him next to us at all times and if that causes world war three in the aisle of a shop or in the packed shopping centre then so be it, I know we’re my son is…..

But it has to get better though and more enjoyable surely but without the fear of anything happening to your child when your out for the day, doesn’t even have to be shopping just going out in general, maybe am just being a father that wants to keep them wrapped up in cotton wool and needs to just relax and destress when out of my norm, or the over protective father and that’s why they ain’t listening to a word I say either way I think time will tell, but in the mean time I can’t change and don’t know how to, is it so hard to get these things right so that shopping days out can be more enjoyable with the little ones if so am up for suggestions as I know the Mrs gets annoyed with me moaning and groaning at them all the time, but it’s just me…….

How’s your shopping experiences with your little ones?

How do you set yourself up for it?

Any tips or advice?

Thanks for reading

Darren x

Home is where you are happy

Hi folks i really didnt know where to go after my 1st blog post, but here I am back again to give yous another little insight into my life…..

So a few years ago we decided to move to a small village and since then it has been one of the best moves we have made as a family, I mean we get to wake up to sea views everyday and yeah it’s chilly by the sea but when it’s nice it’s really nice, the kids are happy and enjoying life as they get to be children and everyone knows who/who is, all be that there isn’t much here so we have to make do with what we do have, a park a coastal path, woodland and plenty fresh air and a beach on our doorstep, now for me there is no where else I would rather be to bring up our children as I love seeing them grow and cherish what they have….

We love going on our walks and taking molly (our jack russell) and exploring and seeing the cows, sheep and horses as the little ones are fascinated with them, and it’s great to see them appreciate the small things in life, as growing up myself we didn’t have that living in a town but obviously back then there wasn’t as much technology so we found things to do and made the most of it, and that’s exactly what we do now and it’s the best feeling in the world and yeah there are days we have to find things to do in home so we use our imagination and make the most of it, so whether that be playing, learning, baking or even just cozy time and a film this is the life….

Is there anything I would change? No I wouldn’t change a thing…

Where if you had the chance would you stay? And why?

If you stay in a small village what keeps you going? What things do you do?

Hopefully this doesn’t bore yous all that much and hopefully yous enjoy and again any feedback is welcome,

Thank you

Darren 👍

A father 5 times over

Hi all this my 1st of many I hope, my name is Darren and I have four gorgeous little boys from the age of 9-2 and my beautiful daughter who’s 1…



becoming a father for the 1st time is crazy and you have all these thoughts and emotions running through your mind at the same time but let me put it straight to you it’s the best felling you will ever have in your life…I managed it five times!! I wasnt always a stay at home dad though but times and things changed and after the birth of our daughter I took upon this role and to be honest it’s absolutely amazing, you get to enjoy every little thing from the moment they wake up till the moment they go to bed, sometimes the hardest thing is deciding what to do for the day especially at weekends, as obviously all different ages and into totally different things, but you get up get on with it and split yourself into as many pieces as you can to share the day with them all, the one thing we do all like doing is going on walks and exploring what’s around us and enjoying the beautiful and small things in life which to me is FAMILY TIME



I know in this day and age we are supposed to set an example for our children but my moto is if they are happy then so are we, even though our hardest days are when MUM’S AT WORK ALL DAY as the kids are always asking when mum’s home, and i know my missus feels it to as she hates missing the little things that happen, hence why i am always taking snapshots of there life so not a thing is missed and i know its not the same as being there but its the best you can do to make them still feel part of whats happened or been done…. there’s a ton of things I can write but am not going to bore yous all with that at the moment I just wanted to introduce my family to you and let you know that your doing a great job no matter how hard times get and no matter how many children you have just getting that little hug, or kiss or even a smile is enough to let you know your doing a great job as a PARENT!

My advice to father’s that are in this situation is do what you feel you have to and don’t let any one sway you if you have already thought of becoming the man who has to stay at home for whatever the reason do it and don’t look back and capture every moment like it’s your last, my plan in life wasn’t this but there comes challenges and decisions in life that as a family you have to do what’s best for all and my story is what’s best for my family

So basically don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be a stay at home DAD it should be the MUM’S that do that well no infact it’s what works best for yous as a unit a family and a happy home!



Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments section

And last but not least thank you for taking the time to read this

Darren 👍

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